Personalised, Meaningful & Engaging

We have developed a curriculum model which is tailored and personalised to the ever changing, diverse and complex needs of our learners.

Evergreen Primary School Curriculum Model

Vision & Values

“Learning at Evergreen INSPIRES us to discover, explore and ENJOY. We use our skills and knowledge to understand so that we can ACHIEVE and develop ourselves as citizens of tomorrow.”

We believe in providing the best possible education for every child through personalised, stimulating and engaging learning activities.

We aim to maximise every child’s potential so that they can progress and achieve in all areas of their development.  We provide life-enriching experiences to support our children to be independent and build the foundations necessary to enable them to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

We believe that setting high expectations and having positive attitudes can give every child the confidence that they need to enable them to flourish and thrive.

If you require further information on our curriculum, please contact school and ask for Mrs Faye James.

We uses a broad range of schemes to create our curriculum, more detail on each scheme can be found by following the links below:

The National Curriculum


Development Matters

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Quest for Learning