Home & Health Support Worker

At Evergreen Primary School we employ a Home & Health Support Worker, Mrs Cath Bridgewater who works with our parents. The Home & Health Support Worker will:

  • Provide Parenting Support and information;
  • Encourage and help parents engage with their childs learning;
  • Provide information sessions for parents on entry and at transition from Evergreen to The Oaks;
  • Give parents the opportunity to engage informally with each other at school;
  • Offer access to parenting programmes;
  • Take part in multi agency working;
  • Signpost to local and national sources of information

The Home & Health Support Worker holds an informal coffee drop in for any parents who wish to attend every Friday morning from 10am till 11.30am.
On some occasions a speaker may be present to give parents information.
The Home & Health Support Worker will work with individual parents on various issues e.g. behaviour, attendance, eating problems, after school activities.
The Home & Health Support Worker will attend parent's evenings and will talk to any parents who wish to discuss issues.

Referral forms are available at school and parents can make referrals on behalf of their own child if they wish to.