EFL - Logging on

Evidence for Learning (EFL for short) is a service that we use heavily at Evergreen to gather evidence and track the progress of our children.

The "parents portal" enables us to have a 2 way communication between school & home. This enables our parents to get directly involved with their child's learning.

Below is an example of what is needed to get your account setup on the portal. 


You will have received 2 emails from Evidence for Learning to the email address we have on file.

1st email contain a unique link for your child's portal.

login link.jpg

2nd email contains your initial temporary password for the portal.

password email.jpg


Bookmark your unique link and login

Once you have clicked/press the unique "Login" link a new tab should open and look like this: 

login page.jpg

  1. If you want to bookmark this page (for fast access later) do this now, before you login with your temporary password as this login page is unique to your child(every web browser is different but most will have a star icon so you can press it and save the link for later, you can also just click the link found in your email again)
  2. Paste/type your temporary password and press login.


Change your password

Now you are on your child's portal, change your password.

efl homepage.jpg


change password.jpg


Once you have changed your password you are done! 

To get access in future

  1. Press on the bookmark you made or press the initial link you received by email.
  2. type in your password.
  3. That is it!